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Intellectual property

The services and information provided on this website are protected by various intellectual property rights. We are the owner of the concept, the structure, the layout and design of this website. The reproduction, distribution, sale, publication, adaptation, translation, arrangement or use for commercial purposes is prohibited. By surfing on this website you will obtain no rights. Exceptions will only be granted on the basis of our written permission.

Intellectual property of others

We use YouTube, Flickr,, Vimeo, ... as a source for content. Since the agreements of these services provide that their content doesn’t violate any intellectual property, we're assuming this is the case. If we, unconsciously, violate your intellectual property, please contact us as soon as possible.

Limitation of liability

We aim that the information on our website is comprehensive and reliable. However, we are not liable for incorrect information on this website. If that is the case, please contact us.

We are not responsible for the malfunction of this website and any direct or indirect damage that can be caused. In the event of force majeure, we reserve the right to limit or block access to the website.

Posting a link to another website does not imply that we approve its content.

When sending your personal information, we assure to make it happen safely. Eventually, it is always at your own risk.

Finally, Shindesigns is not responsible for any accidents that can happen with the Shindesigns shin guards.

Law and competent courts

Only the Belgian law is applicable.

Any dispute that would result from the consultation of this website is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Judicial Arrondissement of Hasselt.


This website is accessible for computers running on current software. However, the organization doesn’t guarantee compatibility and cannot be held responsible if you cannot visit the website.

It is forbidden to force access to parts of this website which are not publicly visible. It is also prohibited to adapt the website, to add or remove business in any way.



The prices indicated on the website are inclusive of all taxes. The VAT amounts to 21%.

Delivery & delivery time

We will do everything we can to respect the delivery times mentioned on this website. However, we cannot be held responsible for a delivery that arrives too late or a delivery that is lost through force majeure, unforeseen circumstances or by third parties. If there are any problems, we will search for a solution together with the organization that is responsible for the delivery. Also, we are not responsible for delays when the stock runs out.


The payments are made by bank transfer.


We reserve the right to postpone the delivery date if the product is not in stock or not available quickly by the manufacturer or other suppliers.


The warranty is provided by the manufacturer and then tuned under the restrictions. At the application of warranty, you need a valid proof of purchase. Then, the supplier or producer of the productd will decide if the warranty is accepted.

The warranty is limited to the replacement of equivalent products. The warranty is expired if the maintenance instructions were not complied, if there has been improper use of the product or if the buyer has made changes on the product.

Images and specifications

All images; photos, drawings, etc.; data on weights, dimensions, colors, pictures of labels, etc. on the website of Shindesigns are approximately, indicative and cannot give rise to compensation or dissolution of the agreement.

Shindesigns is not responsible for the use of unlawful images by customers.


The printing on the Shin guard can differ from the design on the website.


Returning an order is only possible when the shin pads are damaged. It is not possible to return the Shindesigns shin pads when the design is not 100% the same as on the website.


General rules

The content you post on the website may not be contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality. It should not discriminate or be unacceptable in a democratic society. Also posting illegal matter is strictly prohibited (e.g. illegal downloads, pornographic content ...).

Members of the community have to be respectful to other members. Therefore it is forbidden to be verbally aggressive.

Sharing of personal information, such as phone numbers, is not forbidden but we do not recommend it. Anyone can read along, also visitors with bad intentions.

Advice/opinions of third parties

The opinions of visitors does not always reflect our opinion or advice. Any harm done by a bad advice can not be recovered from the organization. We reserve the right to refuse content.


The organization reserves the right to deny access to the website when breaking rules. Depending on the extent and gravity of the infringement, we can choose to suspend your account temporarily or permanently.


When you are aged under 16 years old, you are required to ask permission to your parents before registering on this website.



By participating in this contest, you automatically accept the regulations.

Changes during the contest

The Organization reserves the right to change the competition (partly) during the course of it.


Children and young people under the age of 18 must get approval from their parents in order to take part in this competition.


The competition is open to Belgian residents, with the exception of the members of the staff of ..., the companies (including staff members and employees) that came with the organisation of the competition involved and all family members of these excluded categories. If the participant is a minor, he or she must have the approval of his parents and/or guardian.


The prize is not redeemable. There is only one prize per address or place of residence where familymembers or other persons live together.

Abuse or fraud

The organization reserves the right to exclude participants of the contest if there is abuse or fraud.

Data sharing

Your information will not be shared with any third party, although we reserve the right to show the winning participants with image and/or name on the website.